Types of massage


Get ready to enjoy a wonderful therapeutic massage session that you will not easily forget. A therapeutic massage aims to eradicate muscle tension and body ailments,Feeling uplifted and free of tension, in return, helps you focus on the more demanding side of life - such as work pressures, family responsibilities and life in general.


My body to body massage will always start with a relaxing massage to release all the tension in your muscles and I will be followed by a lot of body sliding. Using my entire naked body, I will uses my feminine curves to slide and glide rhythmically and gracefully over every inch of your body, thus, exciting all your senses – expertly, seductively and provocatively. These tantalising and enticing body to body slides and glides are intended to bring you to the peak of your climax on multiple occasions before the grand Finale explosive release. Please bear in mind, these massages are not an invitation to sexual intercourse.


Tantric massage is deeply therapeutic, and will help you to know yourself better. You will also find that you sleep better and much more deeply, helping your body to heal itself long after the effects of the massage. If you have issues with stress, you will find that tantric massage can help with those too, making you feel much more relaxed and confident between sessions. When you choose to experience the beautiful, sensual wonder of a tantric massage, you are giving yourself one of life’s greatest gifts.


The Body to Body massage is already an incredible, unforgettable experience not to be missed, but if you're one of those special gentlemen who truly appreciate the look and touch of an exquisite pair of feet, The foot fetish massage includes foot to body massage as well as the body to body massage - I will use my feet to treat you to the most sensual portion of the massage. I will soothe away your worries and cares, and use my delightful feet and toes to help you leave the stresses of everyday life behind. Please bear in mind, these massages are not an invitation to sexual intercourse


The body’s desire to be touched is a fundamental need. Massage nourishes the body and calms the mind. It brings healing and immense pleasure to one’s life. I have a very spiritual, affectionate and tantric approach to this form of adult massage therapy. This massage aims to completely relax the client’s body whilst prolonging the waves of bodily pleasure. The initial strokes purely focus on releasing the tension in the back and shoulders and tight muscles throughout the body. Only once the recipient is fully relaxed does I direct my focus to awakening sensually deprived parts of the body. I achieves this by using tantric techniques. The lingam massage is purely part of the Tantric massage experience.Please bear in mind, these massages are not an invitation to sexual intercourse.


Nuru massage is a type of massage that gives pleasure and excitement using an ancient Japanese technique. It is a relaxing and hot massage that provides pleasure to your whole body. There are many varieties of erotic massage but one of the most desirable is the Nuru massage in London. This sensual massage has some unique characteristics…… Not only are you and the Masseuse naked but you will also both be covered in a special Nuru gel. Its thick and sticky and it’s this texture that allows body to body glide like nothing else! First, the lubricating gel is poured into the bowl which is then used to cover the whole body by gently massaging it using the hands, legs, and arms. You will be asked to change and move into varying positions so I will can apply the gel all over you! Once you are covered with lubricating gel, I will rub my body against yours in a way that will take you on a sensual journey.


On a business trip to London? Tired of dining alone? Why not add some sparkle to your evening with some female companionship. Take your massage to another level and dine with your fine masseuse first! Book an outcall massage today!and Prepare for an evening to remember with a fabulous dinner date and exquisite erotic massage combination. Please bear in mind, these massages are not an invitation to sexual intercourse.


The sensual massage is one of the most traditional massage techniques available. It is an incredibly intimate art form and is common for it to lead to an increased state of sexual arousal culminating in the hand relief of the lingam. The sensual massage is a slow, seductive massage which involves many soft touches and teasing strokes all over your body. Erotic massage focusing on the body's most erogenous zones and whilst in tandem relieving the body of all its stresses and anxieties. Like all erotic massage types the clinical benefits have been proven numerous times and the feeling self-gratification when you have climaxed is like nothing experienced before.


A nude massage is tantric so it’s designed to be sensual but ultimately it’s about getting you into a fully relaxed state. Nude Massage is what makes an erotic, sensual massage so much more engaging than a traditional massage. Among all the other massages, the most interesting and one of the the most famous nowadays is the nude massage in London. Take a deep breath, relax your mind, open yourself up to a sensual touch and enjoy as your masseuse takes you to a journey of naked massage pleasure. This is a massage, not an escort service,this is a tantric massage service.


This unforgettable dominatrix style of massage, allows you to surrender your power completely and to let yourself teased and dominated by a stunning woman. I will take absolute control of you and you shall have to obey every command. Lose yourself and embrace your desires! Tie and Tease Massage is a dominatrix style massage. This experience allows you to surrender your power completely and to be dominated by an extremely stunning, educated and classy female. I will take absolute control of you and you shall have to obey her every command. Your hands will be cuffed so you are not allowed to touch or move until ordered to. With your hands firmly tied, I will proceed to tease and titillate your mercilessly throughout this racy, restrained massage. You must obey ‘Her Excellence,’ and only speak when she commands.


This masterly massage is hypnotic, powerful and profoundly pleasurable. Through the power of seductive touch,This massage has no ordinary ending – it is extraordinary.The male prostate is a small round gland about an inch in diameter located under the bladder. Slow, light and gentle movements are applied to the prostate gland as it is extremely sensitive to touch. This huge happy ending massage allows you to experience an ultra-intensified culmination. Soar to the summit of your sensual desires with the perfect prostate massage! Please bear in mind, these massages are not an invitation to sexual intercourse.


It’s allowing you to put your hands all over the body of a beautiful masseuse, sensually caress and massage her, including the intimates zones. This is the perfect way to intensify the experience , as not only does it gives you an ultimate buzz, it gives the receiving masseuse one too. Please bear in mind, these massages are not an invitation to sexual intercourse.

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Bed massage


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A Girlfriend Experience massage is a service offered by an experienced tantric masseuse to a client who seeks an experience that goes beyond the erotic and that can enter the field of the emotional or mental stimulation as well.For the man who wants to live a Girlfriend Experience – he needs other ingredients in that appointment: passion, caresses, complicity, a pleasant conversation and tenderness. There is life beyond just sexual release, sometimes having a deeper connection adds a dimension to your massage that you’ve never had before. When a man seeks tenderness, complicity and affection and not only erotica in the tantric massage there is a service tailored to him: The Girlfriend Experience Massage.


Awaken your sensuality and experience superior sensual massage pleasure with the Luxury Tantric Aqua Massage – termed in the USA as a ‘Soapy Massage.’ This Soapy Massage London Luxurious experience is the ultimate aphrodisiac! This Tantric bathing ritual is about the intimacy of cleansing, the varied sensation of having your entire torso bathed and massaged in warm water whilst breathing in the exotic aroma of the silky soap suds and scented candles adorning the bathroom.It can be compared to a Geisha experience whereby your body is bathed, cleansed, adored and relaxed. After the bathing ritual, you are gently and carefully towel dried, after which you will be led into the boudoir for a breath-taking, powerful, slow and luxurious tantric massage. This massage creates an amazing experience which unties the mind, body and soul. Years of pain and tension are simply melted away leaving you feeling special, more confident, connected and in a greater state of equilibrium.